Hi, my name is Mohammed Younus, food blogging came as a natural choice because of my lifestyle. I have always been fascinated by food as i have been eating out for the last 15 years, and my love and curiosity drove me to trying different cuisines all around bangalore.

Even though i visit all kinds of places, I love visiting new restaurants. I review such places and endorse them across platforms as i see my-self feeding the dream of someone who is realising their goal of becoming a restaurateur. I am also very mindful of visiting a restaurant multiple times before reviewing, unless they are really good or really bad.

I usually judge a place by their Iced-tea, its always my first order (if its on the menu). I also have a massive sweet tooth, I am that weird person who orders dessert first and thinks of main course next.

My staple food choices are burger, pizza, sandwich and pastas.