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Ban Rapes or Ban Uber

By Younus | December 9, 2014 | 1 Comment

Another rape, another headline; sometimes new place, sometimes same place, nothing seems to have changed not just in Delhi but whole of India. Some people think from their brain on the other head. But the big question is how do we stop this, what are the corrective measures?

The recent case of a driver of Uber, raping a passenger sure sent chills amongst all. Every new case that gets reported, the media gets very active and the governing bodies (government and police) get into damage rectification mode. History repeats, but the future seldom changes.

All due respect to the victim, I cannot fathom the trauma she is going through.

Delhi police’s decision to ban all services of Uber and all web-based cab services was ridiculous. Its like, just because one shop in a mall was involved in fraud, you are closing the entire mall and all other malls.

The driver was guilty not the company. I don’t work for Uber nor have I ever used their services. But just because of one pervert driver, why should the other drivers with no fault of theirs suffer.

The accused, as the reports state is a repeat offender. He would have never repeated this crime had he been punished appropriately. And had the company known of his background, no company in their right sense would have hired him. Many might argue that the company is at fault, because they did not do any background verification (yes thats a fault). This is also a character flaw, not just background. Let the police department and such companies work more closely and never let such incidents repeat, make such people never go free without proper punishment.

I have always believed fixing rapes in India is not an instant fix. A band-aid reaction is not the solution. It’s about setting example, punishing the guilty and education from grass root level. As long as there is gender disparity in India, male chauvinist will feel power and dirty pleasure in heinous acts like these.



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10 December, 2014 Reply

banning the whole company is very stupid...due to this rapist the company's name already got damaged..our mindset need to be changed for any change..until ppl change their mindset about women punishments can stop rapes...

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