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Bangalore Mass Molestation: Gross Negligence or Societal failure

By Younus | January 3, 2017 | 0 Comment

While it was a Happy New year to all, for few in Bangalore it was neither happy nor a hopeful year. The mass molestation of women in Brigade and MG road, Bangalore. What follow is a blame game pointing finger to police incompetency, our beloved home minister of state called it a normal event, blaming the girls attire and how we are aping the western culture. (Wanted to ask him, is molestation Indian culture then?).

Reports say, police was ill equipped to handle the crowd, true for thousands of people that gathered that day few hundreds are a no match. But heres my bigger argument, is law and order the sole responsibility of police only, isn’t society at large responsible as well. When a few goons/drunk/molesters were creating all the ruckus, what were the other men doing? I have seen this problem in our country at large, utter lack of empathy, unless it happens to us we never run for rescue. Imagine thousands of people versus a dozen goons. Stopping events like these is a responsibility of us at large, if good stood against evil, evil would have no choice but to join good and be good.

We have to understand India has many shades of urban, semi-urban and rural mix in all our cosmopolitan cities. For a small part of our country- shorts, skirts, tank tops, dress, gown, are #mystylestatement, and to the other bigger chunk it starts with sarees and ends with salwar. Its sick to say clothes provoked men to misbehave, as even a 3 year old innocent child wearing frock has had experienced sexual abuse. The problem lies deep in male psychic of exerting male chauvinism sexually. If we worship our mothers and hold her dearest, then lets expand that respect to the entire gender, celebrate mothers, sisters and ever strangers who are someone else’s sister, mothers or both.

Men in general have to understand, women are not objects of desire, like the fashion industry celebrates. Every time I see a woman skimpily dress on hoardings promoting a product which isn’t even remotely connected to women, I feel sad. And when I look around, I see so many people freezing their eyes to the same hoarding, with their untamed animal barking outside.

God is one of the best mathematician I have ever known, god knows the art of balance. If God has blessed men with physical strength, women are blessed with all the emotional strength. My message to all the women, we men aren’t physically strong from everywhere, i urge you to master the art of hitting only one spot which hurts manhood the most, that one kick on the sack is enough to question his motives for minutes and never repeat that mistake again. You aren’t weak, your emotional stability makes you the strongest. Recently released movie Dangal should install a message in all, when women are determined they can kick butt, and surprise the strongest of men.



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