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Gamifying Life – Lessons from Games

By Younus | December 3, 2014 | 5 Comment

For the youth the word ‘Games’ ring a different bell when compared to the older generation. Games today are largely virtual more than physical. Many a times we see virtual games as a bane, especially parents see them as luxurious time wasters. From Xbox to Play Station, gaming industry seems to be growing and showing no signs of decline. I do agree excessive and mindless gaming is stealing away valuable time of many, young or old. Just like evey coin has two sides, today I want to focus on the positive side of gaming. I am not going to wear a black hat today, instead let me wear a yellow hat and analyses the numerous life lessons people can learn from playing games.

Focus – Games are all about single-tasking, seldom do we multitask while playing a game. Try sending a text to someone and completing that important stage of game, you will end up doing both unsuccessfully, until you stop and focus on only one. Focus increases performance, real life is no different, be it exams or classes, and be it work or play, multitasking doesn’t yield in 100% for any of the tasks.

Winner’s attitude – Winning was everything, we would sometimes sit for hours to win that race or kill that enemy. For gamer winning is not an option, it’s a compulsion. Youngsters of today often give up too soon in their real life pursuits, they should learn that winners mentality and practice the ‘try, try till you succeed’ attitude.

Failing is learning – We practice prevention is better than cure in all our games, that why we try to stay one-step ahead all times. We do make mistakes in that course, even if we do mistakes we learn from them and never repeat it. If people in real life learn this simple habit, this small change can make a huge impact in our lives.

Planning (Goal Setting) – Games teach the power of planning and setting goals, achieving small goals stage by stage and eventually completing the game (the big goal). Don’t we live our lives day-by-day and phase-by-phase, why not set small goals for each day and make up for our yearly goals (different phases) and eventually achieve life goals (our ultimate goals). Wining is all about planning; failing to plan is planning to fail.

Motivation – Be it failures or success, our only aim in games is to win eventually. Every time we progress in a game, it installs more confidence and motivates us to move ahead. Like games winning or losing is part of the game, game of life. Winning or losing is an option, if you have confidence in self and you keep motivating yourself to move ahead. Wining is your way.

Excel in pressure – We often succumb to pressure, but in games we excel in pressure. While gaming it’s our pride at stake and we give everything. Pressure and competition should bring the best in you, not drill stress in us. Next time you feel pressured, ask yourself what would I do if my life were a game? And follow the answer.

Recognition – Gaming is more social today than ever, we not only play for us but with others to. Social world is all about recognition, and many times it’s that recognition that motivates us to play harder. Competition is important, what’s recognition without competition. Don’t just compete with others also learn to compete with self, to achieve continuous improvement.

I know I am just scratching the surface with few points here, if games have taught you more lessons feel free to comment and extend this lesson list.


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03 December, 2014 Reply

A fantastic article that every youngster would be able to relate to... After reading this article I have a sense of clarity and am motivated to move forward.

04 December, 2014 Reply

A fantastic thought and most of all a very well written article. This very article will change the mindsets of many people who consider gaming to be a bane and will help motivate to focus on the traits ,mentioned above. For starters, i must say. your article has changed the way i will see games henceforth. To bring out the positive in any given situation is a trait many lack, and i look forward to reading many more insightful blogs from you.

04 December, 2014 Reply

Good Read. Crisp to the point , makes a lot of sense.

05 December, 2014 Reply

sir , thank u so much for for the article.....sir war games like call of duty , medal of honor taught me ..that u cant win a game by going blindly ..u need a strategy to win..everybody have their own strategy and like the way we upgrade to powerful weapons in the game to win..we also need to acquire and upgrade our knowledge/skills

horror game "devil may cry" taught me one gem of a lesson that enemy or a circumstance in the game is as strong/weak as u think..if we think its tough, its tough . if we think its easy ,its easy

its proven that people who play video games can have good reflexes, fast decision making, good observation skills

08 December, 2014 Reply

A motivating article which gives an inspirations in youngsters life. It gives a clear idea how we should consider life as game and go forward in life and achieve goals to get well recognised by the society. It also says that play to win youself and don't play to lose others. An achievement of goal will have a well palnned strategy.

We always play the game which we like, same do in life, do what we are passionate about and there is success waiting for us.

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