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Poisonous Mix – Politics and Religion

By Younus | December 17, 2014 | 6 Comment

I have always believed discussing religion and politics are two terrible ideas. But, the recent two events Sydney siege and attack on army school in Peshawar beg attention and discussion. Acts like this are anti-Islamic (in fact anti any religion), should be strongly condemned. I am a Muslim and yes I am not a terrorist, these views are purely personal and represent only my feelings and don’t intend to hurt any body’s religious sentiments.

These attacks like the zenith in the past have all but one similarity, Islamic Jihadist, extremist groups and most importantly Muslims. Ironically, many might not know Islam is one of the most misunderstood religions in the world, even by its followers. The word Islam means submission to god’s will, would god ever ask for acts of terror, killing of innocent lives and suppression of women? Ignorance of Islam is becoming its greatest threat. Islam is one of the most peaceful religions, which for years has had a terrible facelift by the so-called terrorists who do not represent the entire Muslim population of the world nor do they represent any ideologies of Islam.

Religion does not let us down, only people do. I personally feel all these attacks are more political rather than religious. Look at what Taliban did for years and ISIS is doing now, power hungry barbaric pricks. People fighting for control and power are forcefully mixing religion with politics and justifying their heinous acts. Jihad as a term is often used and misused for selfish political and personal gains. Jihad is not bloodshed and mindless killing, as many believe. Jihad is an individual’s struggle to purity, its fight against inner demons and false desires; it is submission to god’s will and living a righteous path. It’s no way close to the modern day definition of what these extremists have made it sound. These are all acts of crime and dishonor to humans and its creator. Even the holy Quran speaks tough about crimes against humanity.

Muslims around the world, its because, people like us keep quite, these idiots have become the voice of Islam and are leaving no stone unturned to make this world such a terrible place. We need to change the voice; we need to be the voice. I am not asking for religious preaching, lets live by example and show the world how our Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) lived and how we all can coexist in peace and make this a better world. It a decision we all need to make, if conflict is what we want, there will be conflict. And if peace is what we seek, peace we shall find.




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17 December, 2014 Reply

A very thoughtful catechism about Islam and people associated to it. Great parable that will negate the conjecture of "Islam = Terrorism". Great writ!!

19 December, 2014 Reply

"Islam is one of the most misunderstood religions in the world, even by its followers" compeltely agree with this...A muslim doesn't describe what Islam is nor a jihadi. If it does, then Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the best person to take as an example to describe what Islam is all about.

20 December, 2014 Reply

islam is not only the misunderstood religion also a religion which is badly mis-communicated religion....the foreign media show about the religion in a very bad way..which is a very sad part.

20 December, 2014 Reply

...this is how foreign media shows ....If you open a modern Oxford English dictionary, you would probably

find the definition of Jihad as “a holy war undertaken by Muslims against

non-believers”. This is a very poor definition.

21 December, 2014 Reply

"Islam" a religion, a prayer, plenty of names positively as well as negatively tagged in today's perception..After the action of killing humanity, it is the time to let the world know its our god who would never fib.
About conspiracy n politics, has always played. if this doesn't stop rest of the world get ready to die in hunger because country cannot succeed without children and old people.. Amen


03 January, 2015 Reply

Thanks every one for your valuable views :)

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